Designer door

What is Natural laminated door ?
Natural laminated is the latest product in the market to be used on door. Unlike other type of door, it is coated with layers of laminate instead of paint or lacquer. Due to this coating, NO paint or lacquer is required. It had a very durable surface which is scratch resistance.

Advantage of Natural laminated door –
1) Lastest product in the market (for door) that you can get for your house.
2) Scratch resistance surface
3) No painting, lacquring is required = odour free
4) Better sound insulation

What is Verneer door ?
Verneer is basically thin slices of wood glued onto core panels. It have many difference design to choose from. With it’s sleek looks and modern designs, it is widely used in new condo, hdb and offices.

Advantage of Verneer door –
1) Modern/trendy design
2) Variety design available
3) Natural woodgrain design

Additional add-on
All Natural laminated and Verneer door have the option to add-on of stainless steel inlay or glass view panel. If you find the Natural laminated or Verneer door design is too dull for your likes, you can add-on of stainless steel inlay to make it feel more classy and eye catching. Glass view panel on the other hand, enables you to keep track of what happening inside/outside of the room. Clear, frosted, tinted glass can be installed for difference purposed.

Natural laminated and Verneer design also available for fire-rated door comply to local standard.